All I Have To Say To You Is...

She's crazy to contact me after what she did.


So...Is This How It Is? - TheGirlOfTheCentury

Colton, I'm pissed. If you can make videos, I can make videos. Contact me.


Music: Glitter Bomb - Juanitos


Just having some fun! I've gotten some emails pertaining to my last blog, but I wanted to get out of the house today. Strengthening my muscles again...feels good!


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Week has been busy--mom's had me doing chores, chores, chores. Since I refuse to get out of the house she insists on me being "active".
Also--I did get my first comment, from theaterjunkie8716, which was pretty awesome. And it got me thinking:
So I started this whole thing to help people, right? So I guess that's what I should be doing. If you guys have any questions about being comatose or the recovery process, or anything I remember, I think I'm ready to answer those questions now. You can contact me basically any way-- comment the YouTube, comment here, or email

I really hope I'm helpful in some way.



I've had a few visitors. Prompted me to talk a bit more. I saw I had a few what do you guys think?

Well..This is Painfully Embarassing...Hi - coltondproductions

I'm sorry this video is so weird. When I'm nervous I tend to laugh. I guess it just seems funny to be talking to a camera.I know it may sound far-fetched, but I am serious. I don't know who will stumble across this channel...but it should circumvent my boredom, anyway. Thanks for watching...-Colton.


It begins soon.