It begins soon.

Welcome, Friends.

Falling Into Place begins in early June.
Stay tuned to this blogspot - videos will arrive from various channels, and all blogs and Twitters will be posted here.

I hope you'll enjoy this series as much as I am going to enjoy producing it for you.


Introducing: Falling Into Place - OrangeKeekat

Starts in June.
Tell your friends.

Music: Ergonomics by Salmonraptor


- Rayley -
Bitter and sweet, sharp and soothing, a girl bursting with contradictions. Her choice has changed everything.


- Colton -

Sixteen years old, too lighthearted to be the victim. But the universe has other ideas. Do his choices matter in the long run?

To Tell...One Needs an Audience. - OrangeKeekat

I can only assume you will be there.

Music: Magic Box by Sydney Poma

Shhh - OrangeKeekat

Things may be falling...

Music: Breathe by Tryad